A father and son company over 40 years in business offer you qualify painting with competitive rates. you will get good service from professional painters

Stewart Painting was started in 1977 and over the past 40 years we have done most types of painting. Including; Automotive painting, gas plants, water treatment plants, and of course all types of commercial and residential painting. During the 90’s there came a big fad with custom painting which would include faux finishing, wall murals, theme rooms, fantasy rooms, and marbling of columns, We became one of the leaders in this area.

There was also a time in the 90’s where Stewart Painting employed nearly 30 people. However, I found it hard to control the quality of our work so it is now our policy to keep our company smaller, This enables me to ensure that our customers get the top quality service.



* some of the images in the photo gallery have been collaborated with others